Monday, 23 May 2011

Carboot Sale Rage

Ok for those not in the UK a carboot..imagine a field...with a load of cars lined up..Wall paper paste tables covered in junk that you want to sell.

 Right..onto the rant.

I collect retro consoles/games etc..And carboot sales are sometimes a great place to find cheap stuff.
But im missing a couple of consoles. And I don't really want to pay eBay prices.

The Wife and I decide to make a day of it and go to one that’s a little bit off our radar, but hey if you don’t go then you could be missing a right treat haha.

Not really going all that well..But then I spy games...Alot of games..ps1, GameCube....maybe he has..w00p megadrive games...I pick up tony hawks 1 for the ps1 and find a 3 games on 1 cart for megadrive. We get to talking about stuff and he’s asking me what im looking for.

Me: Oh I still need a Dreamcast
Him: I have one of them, how much are you looking to pay for it?
Me: Carboot prices really.
Him: Well how about £5...I will bring it next week.
Me: Deal...yeah bring it next week

The following week is a wash out..Pissing it down. We drive out just in case but yeah the place is a ghost town.

My wife goes the following week...And he’s forgot it...but he has a megadrive as well that he’s willing to sell for cheap..He says he will bring them the following Sunday.

Sunday comes and we get up early...I just have a feeling that this is going to be a waste of time...And yup it was. He tells me that he’s really sorry but he sold them last week...Yeah the day that my wife came to buy them but you had forgot them...But somehow you managed to sell something that you didn't have with you.
I just had no comeback...All I could think of was to just stand there and call him a dick.

24 hours later and im still confused as to why a grown adult would lie for just no reason at all.
I can understand when kid lie...The may lie to show off..e.g. say they have a game at home that they don't really have...But an adult? I mean its his job to sell shit...and I want to buy his shit....I just don't get it.


  1. like gregory house said... everyone les... and man it was a Dreamcast!

  2. pretty much a flea market here in the states right? I love finding hidden gems among the piles of old rubbish when going to those things.

  3. Man, that sucks. All you can do is hold out til you find that bargain though!

  4. If he had it he put it on e-bay but man thats bad. Least you didn't have to hang about with Lowri Turner :p

  5. I agree with @Jandro, I love finding usefull and cheap things that I can use.

  6. Oh my god! i wish to go there one day, nice!

  7. Someone must have told him £5 was way too cheap.

    I mean c'mon that would've been a steal. Hell even £20 would have been a steal. You probably should have offered him more for it when he said £5....

    £5=Dreamcast? Even an idiot knows that doesn't sound right. Hell, people in the states still pay ~$50 for NES consoles sometimes...

  8. WOW! Its like woodstock meets ebay or something lol.

  9. FrostyC does make a good point, but he did give his word so it's still pretty messed up. It's hard to find old classic systems like those now a days too, only luck is probably online.

  10. Hahaha car boots and rain go hand in hand! I love going to them, even if I don't buy anything it's amazing to see what goodies people are willing to give away for practically nothing.

  11. You can find quite a few bargains at these, although, there is still an eery sense of dullness lingering for me in relation to Car Boot Sales; the child within me restricts me from going anywhere near one. :)

  12. Well that sucks dude. Yeah maybe someone told him that the price too cheap.