Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Piracy V's Purchase

I have only just jumped on the homebrew bandwagon. Using a usb loader. I’m starting to find that I don’t appreciate the game as much if its a pirate. I seem to play a game to death if I go out and pay £30 - £40 for it.
But if it comes to me for free I tend to just start it and then turn the game off when im bored. Is this just me?


  1. I always enjoy the games I buy, and I love the games I get for free as gifts from friends or family.
    I hate spending money on a game and the game itself is just boring.

  2. Most games are like that, I only feel like purchasing a game if I actually think the game will suit me to it's full capacity, otherwise I just leave it on the shelf and not purchase it at all. Otherwise I just try Demo's to get a good taste of it, then purchase it.

    Homebrew is starting to come back into fashion again, and with that there will be more releases showing up out of the blue.