Friday, 27 May 2011

snes & megadrive

I have about 30 mins spare before work. Im not sure why but i just had a feeling that i should check out this small pawn shop. It payed off...I see a boxed megadrive II sat in the window with a couple of games. Only problem is I dont have the money :(

The next day is payday, sooooooo I pay the shop another visit. shit shit shit I cant find it..noooooo...Why do i alwasy do this..Im a sucker for seeing something and then leaving it so that i can have a think about it it.

Hang on...why did i not see it..Its still in the same place as the day before...w00p w00p

As im buying it the guy says "if you like your old games..we have a snes over there"...How did i miss that as well? hell yeah im having it :)

So for any snes fans out there...What games should I buy?


  1. prince of persia. the earliest. :P

  2. I love snes good pawn shop pickup. I would love to have that system.

  3. Super Mario world & Zelda - A Link to the Past.

  4. You should at least get Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario All Stars for SNES. Then there is of course Zelda - A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario RPG and of course, Earthbound!